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March 08, 2011


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Jan Hunnicutt

Ohh, I love your tags!


BEAUTIFUL tags, fab tray design! Incredible work.


I am a little behind in my blog reader, as I finally had some time to look at all of your tag posts. They are all wonderful. I really don't know which one I like the best. And of course, you always make me laugh. You did good! I hope the stores realize how lucky they are to get them! I always did!

Margaret Stiles

Hey, Mark GREAT work on all the tags. I really like them all. Margaret

Bonnie Sanford

I loved the result when I clicked on "worse"! What a dig!

Darla Jo

Thanks for all the great ideas. I've enjoyed all your tags.

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Ann Schach

Wow...these are fabulous! I, too, found you through Curt!


WOW! AWESOME! I found your blog via Curt's blog! So very glad I did now! Thanks for sharing your art! :)

Shirley Hotop

AWESOME - and love how you used the tray - PERFECT - love all the tags although I don't do them very often. Have to give credit to Curt for directing me here - how much fun.

Anne Marie

These are awesome! Each one has fantastic Texas-style! I'm really partial to the Alamo tag, though. Funny, there is a "Six Flags" about 10 minutes from my house (Fiesta TX)! Have a great day! :)


The past several days have been WAY less than fun at my job, so it was a bright spot in the day to read your blog & see the new tags--thanks!


Great Job Mark! I love them all (even though I don't do tags either!) I have a great spot to display them - did you send any my way?


Hahahahaha! You just had to get that last dig in didn't you? LOVE IT! Great final presentation. Hope it goes to Stamp Salado for a little while before it goes on display somewhere else.

Betty Townsend

Each of these tags are fantastic! Thanks so much for doing this display too. Love it!!

Sherry Phipps

Great job! I love it even though I don't live in Texas anymore - darn! We are moving to Colorado so maybe you need to start doing some Colorado things so I can use this idea!!!

Curt OBrien

Your final display is awesome Mark. This has been a great series and I've enjoyed each and every tag. You did such a great job on them and each is so creative. Fun stuff! Best, Curt

Lee Kellogg

Too Fun Mark!

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