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October 02, 2011


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Purrfectly posed is pussycat.
love your card and tags .Liked the 3 partial views of skulls.
Cant wait for snail mail to deliver stamps I bought recently . Then if you don't mind I will check out your blog for examples /inspiration again .

Christine  F

If the couch hadn't been WHITE, Scissor would never give it a second look. They always, always color coordinate.

Curt O'Brien

Awesome Halloween eye candy Mark! I'm just itching to get my hands on the stamps you sent! These are such inspiration pieces. I was shocked you didn't make any comments about "tags" and how you don't understand them. LOL I love these two. Your cat is gorgeous. I too am wondering where the name came from. Knowing you, there is a comical reason for his name I'm sure. As far as Dexter, I've never seen it, but my Mom is a huge fan of the show. We don't have premium channels so I guess I'll have to catch it on DVD. Great post Mark! Best, Curt

Renee M.

Great Halloween-ness--especially like the skeleton hands on the sides of the skull on last one.

Scissor looks wonderful, and of course he's gonna plunk himself down on your white couch. Cats!

Never have watched the Dexter show. Had 2 coworkers who did and they used to tell me all about it. Think I'll just stick w/ NCIS.

Dexter Deadbeat would be good name for orange kitty. Scissor probably has a few choice names for him too :)


hmmmmm...Dexter? Good name for the new cat.

Patti J.

The googly eyes are a perfect touch :) Your Halloween projects just keep getting 'funner'. Glad that you are sharing them. I'm really liking your skulls...have had fun with the two that I have. Okay, Dex, I'm sure I'm not the only one out here that wants to know how that fabulous black furbaby got the name Scissor. Poor baby, he certainly looks unhappy and malnourished... what a pretty, bright room that he has to pose in! You must have oodles of windows. Have a great week - thanks for sharing.

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