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October 20, 2011


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Patti J.

Ewww....I'd be sayin' Merry Mo-Mas. Sounds like a bad disease - you're right, Texas works! Texas is here playing baseball! I like the color combo that you have used. The bottle green is sort of an evergreen shade. Great card! I have to tell you, I'm reading a series of books by Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files), and I'm in the midst of the 6th in the series of 13. The main character, Harry Dresden, has a sense of hurmor just like yours. Every time I read a bit, I think "this is what Mark is like, I bet"! Anyway, not relevant to your card, but my old brain might forget it if I don't tell you now. Have a good day!

Curt O'Brien

Nor does Merry Indymas! Ha. . .Love the red/white/green combo with the gold embossed ornaments. I have a neighbor friend here who is from Texas and she is a stamper. I'm going to forward this post to her to see. Hope you are well! Best, Curt

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