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March 06, 2011


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Ranches in Texas     

Nice job, fantastic tag. This is really creative plus the fact that staying in Texas is totally awesome.

Dani C.

Fantastic!!! I love this tag!


The reason fabric stores smell is because of all the toxic chemicals used in the process of making the cloth. That's why they recommend washing it before using it!
This one is my favorite, too. Great design. The flourish in light blue is perfect.


Yep, this one's my favorite so far! The bead trim at the bottom is a great detail. Am driving to my parents out towards Weatherford today, so will see if any bluebonnets yet.

Had 3 family birthdays we celebrated yesterday and I was inspired by "6 Tags" to make fun tags instead of cards. For one I stole a design I saw on a card you made (don't remember where) that's one of my favorites---the armadillo holding the string of a balloon in its mouth. So cute!

Curt O'Brien

The added touch of the beading on the bottom was genius! And perfectly coordinated too. Another great tag Mark. These have been really fun to see. I really like how you show all of the pieces before assembly. And I know what you mean about fabric store smells. . .JoAnn Fabrics always smells funny. Have a great Texan Sunday! Best, Curt

Patti J.

Nice job! Thanks for sharing!

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